What Is Online Sabong and How to Play It?

What is online sabong? In a nutshell, it’s betting on sabong games online instead of going to the physical location of the matches. Betting online is becoming the trend for Filipino bettors for reasons. In today’s article, we’ll reveal those together with more information about what online sabong is and how to play it successfully.


What is online sabong? It’s betting on your pick rooster from the comforts of your home or anywhere in the world.

What is Sabong?

Excitement-filled arenas and bettors gather in sabong matches during special occasions, tournaments, festivals, and holidays to try their luck and win huge sums of money.

Sabong is a favorite pastime and activity of Filipinos. It’s believed that it has been practiced for more than 6000 years. 

Two gamecocks compete, and the better, stronger, and smarter one emerges triumphant when the game ends.  

Punters place bets on the rooster that they believe to be winning the match. 

The “red” or meron/favorite/llamado rooster gets the red corner of the arena, and the “blue” one is the wala/underdog/dejado rooster gets assigned the blue corner. 

Cockfighting continues to rise in popularity, wherein bettors from all walks and occupations still patronize the sport. Today, it is still practiced but with more benefits for punters in the country through the introduction of online sabong games, which we’ll discuss later.

History of Sabong in the Philippines

Cockfighting has a long, colorful history in the Philippines, with it being practiced in communities for thousands of years.

Long before online sabong conquered the sporting event, sabong’s origins can be traced back to classical times, with the Greeks being one to practice it to improve the alertness of warriors. However, some sources reveal that the Persians were the ones who introduced it to the Greeks.

In the Philippines, sabong has been around for over 6000 years, dating back to pre-Spanish colonial times. The game presents to the people not just a pastime activity but also a sporting event, a hobby, and a gambling activity.

Understanding Sabong’s Popularity

There are specific reasons that sabong is popular in the Philippines. 

One is the thrill that sabong betting gives to punters nationwide. The excitement that comes with the anticipation of winning makes people come back for more in every match. 

Sabong has gone a long way in the people’s culture and tradition. It can be one of the primary sporting events in town, fiestas, and occasions.

Filipinos also love combat sports, cockfighting included. People from all backgrounds, including the rich, politicians, and the average folk, can get started quickly, too.

Sabong is also one of the oldest hobbies of Pinoys, typically fathers and sons raising gamefowls, which they’ll later use to join cockfights in their communities.

This sport is also a billion-peso industry in the country, generating revenues for the government and providing jobs and livelihoods to breeders, trainers, and other stakeholders.

Today, the sabong we know in traditional games held in cockpits and arenas has also started invading the internet through sabong online.

How to Play Online Sabong?

There’s not much difference playing sabong in regular cockfights held in barrios and stadiums. The rules are the same, although some special rules may be introduced during specific events.

Nevertheless, sabong procedures are similar in every fight in which people bet on either the favorite or meron chicken or the underdog or wala chicken. Betting on the winning rooster will win you money, depending on the event and the wagering amount you put in.

The only difference is that participating in live sabong matches online involves being connected on the web instead of physically going to the venue to witness the action.

Before starting sabong betting online, one must choose a reliable cockfighting bookmaker for Filipinos, register, deposit funds, and start betting once their account has been verified. More details are in the following section.

Online Sabong

Setting Up Your Online Account

Proceed to the website of your chosen bookmaker and then create an account. Typically, the process involves completing the required details, including name, email, phone number, and country of residence.

Then, accept the terms and conditions of the site, verify your account, and start funding it to join live sabong games and play other sports offered.

Some online bookmakers are also available in Android and iOS apps to download, so you can bet on sabong online on your phone or mobile device.

Understanding Betting and Payouts

Learning about betting and payouts isn’t as complicated in the case of sabong compared to other sports like baseball or tennis. In cockfighting, all you have to do is to bet on the gamefowl that you believe will triumph in the end. The payout varies on factors like the odds and amount of wager.

Tips for Successful Online Sabong Betting

Those who want to participate in the matches but don’t want to go to the venue or their location is far from the events choose online betting. If you’re interested in sabong games on the internet, take note of these success tips.

  1. Bet on the rooster with a good performance background – having more wins. In online sabong, you can quickly figure this out. Look for the trends section, and check for the dominating color to know the roosters in the next matches. 
  2. Red indicates the wins of the MERON or favorite chicken, and blue signifies the WALA or the number of losses. The “Draw” fights are marked in yellow.
  3. Listen to the announcer who reveals the stats of each chicken before the game begins. This information includes the rooster’s wins, losses, and draw fights.
  4. Study the gesture, form, and aggressiveness of the gamecocks. See how they move, jump, and fly and use their beak. Feel each rooster’s stamina, speed, agility, and strength. Also, notice which gamefowl has a more polished feather and excellent form to determine the level of care and nourishment they receive.

The legality of Sabong in the Philippines

Is sabong legal? The answer depends on where the fight is held—more details are in the following.

Legal Regulations for Traditional Sabong

Sabong is a sport regulated by local governments under the Cockfighting Law of 1974 to regulate cockfighting so that it could be established as a form of relaxation and entertainment for the people and national recreation and to provide revenue for tourism programs, among other goals.

The legality of Sabong Online

For online sabong the regulation is in the hands of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (according to its Charter). The sport is the remote or online or off-site betting or wagering on live games and matches and watched, streamed, or viewed live as they happen in authorized or licensed arenas.

Compliance and Enforcement: What You Should Know

PAGCOR regulates online sabong, with the government believing that everyone will benefit from the revenues it would collect from the industry. However, PAGCOR doesn’t approve of all sabong platforms on the web.

It will help to practice due diligence when choosing the betting site to put your money on and play sabong online. Ensure that you only join legal and reputable gambling websites to avoid putting yourself in trouble.

Why is Sabong Online so Popular?

Over the years, sabong online continues to emerge as one of the most preferred options of bettors who want to participate in a broader range of events and more significant matches without going to the venues physically.  

Betting online, they have more opportunities to explore matches and bet from the comforts of their homes. Thus, they can also win more money in a day.

Sabong online is also popular because it gets more people closer to the matches anytime, anywhere. With the click of their mouse or a button, they can watch live, study the odds, and wager on the rooster they pick without dealing with the crowd or traffic going to the event venue.

Why is Sabong Online so Popular

The Rise of Online Betting in the Philippines

Online betting is nothing new for the Filipino people, and for years, it’s been their chosen method for betting in sports, casino games, and cockfights.

PAGCOR issued more licenses to legal online casinos in the country, opening their doors to players. The same goes for online gambling sites located and licensed to operate in Curacao, Malta, and other locations.

The number of websites and platforms, such as GGBet, 1xBet, and 22Bet, that people can use to place their bets on sabong games increases daily and so e-sabong’s popularity keeps on rising.

Benefits of Playing Sabong Online

  • Playing cockfighting online is convenient because you don’t need to travel, commute, or drive to get to the location and place a bet. You can watch the live action in real-time streaming on many reliable platforms.
  • Anonymity is another benefit. If you want to keep the activity private, you can play online sabong which keeps your identity confidential.
  • Safety is also a benefit. You don’t need to worry about gangs and criminal-minded individuals who might be in the traditional stadiums and arenas.
  • Filipinos betting online also reveal they can enjoy a broader range of matches in one day. They want to watch live cockfighting in platforms anytime and anywhere they are.
  • Safe and secure payment methods are also available on reliable sabong websites. Members can deposit or withdraw funds without any hassles.

Future Trends in Online Sabong

Sabong has had significant changes in the last few years. The cockfighting in the barrios and arenas we used to know and participate in is now widely available online.

Casinos located in the Philippines or even those abroad that accept players from the country open their doors to more people who want to enjoy their games anywhere in the world, provided they’re connected online.

Licensed gambling platforms also have app versions that users can easily download on their devices. These are being introduced daily, encouraging more people to participate in e-sabong.

No one knows what the future holds for online sabong, but one thing is sure. Further developments are on the way and we’re excited to share those with you soon.

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