How to Play Online Sabong with GCash

If you’re exploring online sabong but you only have GCash as a payment method to use, no worries. There are many reliable and trustworthy websites accepting it for deposits, withdrawals, and betting on sabong matches. Before anything else, here are the things to know about using GCash for playing online sabong, including how it works and how to win. Keep reading.


GCash is a preferred payment method of many Filipinos for online sabong because it is secured, safe, and reliable.

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How Online Sabong Works

If you already know how to play sabong in traditional venues and events, you’ll have a wonderful experience when playing it online. 

Many sabong websites and apps have accessible user interfaces for your online sabong games. Just make sure you use the right platform for the Gamecock fights. 

These apps and websites have an interface that makes betting on sabong matches simple. Their website design allows players to navigate the pages and choose the live-streaming games in real-time as well.

Sabong websites and apps allow in-play betting where punters can place bets as the match occurs. 

Legitimate and legal platforms also provide gamblers a secure and transparent gaming channel. Players can also withdraw winnings using GCash or another payment method with a reliable and safe payment system. 

Using GCash Mobile
Playing online sabong is like playing traditional cockfighting held in cockpits and arenas.

The platform has an easy registration system. Just follow the steps required. Upon your account verification, you can deposit money to start playing. What you can use as a payment method include bank transfers, PayMaya, and other options to withdraw or deposit funds aside from GCash.

Choose from sabong matches and place your bet. These apps and mobile sabong betting platforms partner with legal arenas in the Philippines, allowing members to play online sabong from home or anywhere in the country without going to live cockfighting venues. 

Players can stream live through quality video feeds with different camera angles in real time. You can now enjoy the excitement and thrill of sabong through the app or website.

You play sabong online just as you would place bets on a traditional cockfight wherein you choose the rooster to bet on. Once the match ends, the sabong app or platform announces the winning results. Your winnings will be automatically credited to your account.

You must withdraw your money through the GCash app or use your balance to bet on future and upcoming matches.

Benefits of Online Sabong

The thrilling sabong games are now available online and on apps. Join the online craze of betting on top matches and tournaments using your phone, in which you can bet and win huge prizes. Here are the top benefits of sabong online.

  • Convenience: Join a reliable betting platform to bet on the game without setting foot outside your home or hotel room. The world online sabong is always available when you need to bet on your favorite matches conveniently! 
  • Real-time viewing experience: Provided you are connected online, you can watch and stream cockfighting games for close-up actions and the thrill. Multi-camera angles can make the games look more realistic, too.  
  • Higher chances of winning: One of the most significant advantages of online sabong for bettors is the higher winnings because many games are live daily.
  • Different matches: You can feel like you’re in the venue without going there to bet on sabong games. Online sabong platforms can offer you a wide range of match selections, allowing you to discover more strategies and opportunities to win.
  • Socialization: Join the growing community of online sabong enthusiasts and meet new friends and potential business partners.
  • Time-saving: You need not go to cockpits and arenas to place your bet, saving you so much time and money for not driving, commuting, or spending on fuel. 
  • Privacy: Some players don’t want to expose their activities to other people. Online sabong offers players anonymity and privacy all the time.
  • Relaxation: Unwind from a long work day and relax at home instead of going to the cockpits. Place your bets on the betting websites or apps easily.

How to Play Online Sabong Using GCash

Depending on your chosen platform, you can play and bet using the GCash account once you have verified your account and made your first deposit in your online sabong account. Here are more details.

Play Sabong with GCash
Filipino bettors can use their GCash app to bet on games, deposit funds, and withdraw money from their account.

Step 1: Register an Account

Go to the sabong betting website where you plan to open an account. Fill up and complete the required information, including your name, the country of residence, and email address. Ensure to double-check the details to avoid any problems. 

Step 2: Complete the Verification Process

Before enjoying the excitement from the most trusted betting platforms for sabong, verify your account. Follow the next steps, like submitting proof of residence address and identification documents. Complete the submission and wait for confirmation of the verification. 

Step 3: Deposit Funds Using GCash

The following step after verifying your account is making an initial GCash deposit. Choose GCash as your deposit and withdrawal method on the app or betting site. If you still need to become a GCash user, download it on your phone and sign up. 

Step 4: Place Bets on Sabong Matches

Once the GCash payment method has been set up, you can play the games using it. Check the available matches and select those where you will bet on. Just enter the amount and confirm it.

How to Join Online Sabong: Enjoy Cockfighting from Home

  1. The rules are the same in the sport or game of sabong in the Philippines, whether played online or in traditional matches. 
  2. Two game cocks fight in the ring, each with a “Tari” or steel spurs or sharp knives to their feet. The goal of such tari is to allow the cocks to injure, wound, or kill each other.
  3. Beforehand, the handlers choose an opponent for their rooster and assess its feather quality, breed, weight, and size, among other things. 
  4. Once the perfect match has been selected, a fighting cock, along with its handler or owner, will be designated to a corner – Meron or wala. 
  5. After you have placed your bet and the other bettors and the rules and regulations of the game have been presented, the battle will begin. 
  6. The referee or sentensyador will pick up the gamecocks, and the winning one will peck the losing cock twice. 
  7. One will be declared the winning rooster if pecking from the opposing rooster is NOT returned.
  8. Online bettors stream the match and place their bet in live games in real-time, just as in traditional cockfighting events. But before they can participate in the world of online sabong, they should have an account with one of the cockfight betting websites or apps that accept GCash.

How to Win At Online Sabong

E-sabong or online sabong is the solution for many sabong enthusiasts, spectators, and bettors who do not need to go to the venues to place their bets. But to win online sabong so you can withdraw your winnings on GCash, here are some tips you can use.

  1. Use only reliable and transparent platforms for online sabong games, ensuring transparency, safety, privacy, and better odds.
  2. Look for the trends section in the betting site to help you determine the dominating color – with red representing Meron’s wins and blue indicating losses or wala. Yellow, on the other hand, means draw fights number. Check for the dominating color to assess which roosters will be on the next matches.
  3. Listen well to the statistics of the roosters – wins, losses, and draws. The announcer will also mention each of the cock’s weight. Place a bet on the rooster with a better record.
  4. See the cock’s gesture and form, and analyze their stamina, strength, and agility by witnessing how they jump and fly, among other things.

How to Play Online Sabong Like a Pro
Playing online sabong requires diligent research on what to know for the most pleasant experience.

Sabong is a favorite pastime for many Filipinos and a much-anticipated event in communities nationwide because of the thrill and excitement it offers. Today, punters and bettors do not have to be present in the venues, but they can be anywhere if they have an internet connection. Check out the following for ways to participate in online sabong smartly.

What You Need To Know To Play Sabong Online:

To be successful when playing sabong online, here is what you need to know for a positive experience.

Choose the right platform

Join the right sabong gambling platform. One must be reputable, transparent, legal, and honest. Conduct thorough research and check for reviews from users for more help.

Study the odds

If you’re new to sabong, it will pay off to know your odds before betting; thus, you must learn about sabong and its betting markets. Knowing as much as possible about cockfighting will help you make informed decisions for a rewarding experience.

Manage your bankroll

Don’t bet more than what you can handle. Ensure you put only some of your money in sabong, and manage your bankroll correctly. You should also not exceed the amount of money that you can afford to lose. Discipline is critical in gambling. So if you allot PHP1000 for sabong, stick to it.

Know when to quit

Know when to stop playing online sabong, whether losing or winning. Do not play when you’re emotional, or your emotions will get you carried away. Use an objective mind when playing. Know when to quit and when to play another time.


Practice, and practice some more! You can find online platforms that allow users to practice in test games before they can place bets on real money games.

The 6 Tips to Win The Game

  1. Know as much as you can about sabong. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be with knowledge of what to do and how to play to improve your chances of winning.  
  2. Enjoy! Filipinos play sabong on the web or apps to relax after a long day. Thus, it is essential to have fun to achieve this goal. But of course, you should also practice responsible gaming.
  3. Take your time in making a move or decision, and study your options carefully. Thus, you always have to be patient.
  4. Avoid distractions. When playing online sabong, concentrate and free your mind from other things like social media. Focus on the game.
  5. Study and learn as much about your opponent. Just like in the games of boxing, basketball, or any other sports, knowing about the style, strategy, strengths, and weaknesses of opponents will help you devise a good plan to beat them.
  6. Relax and don’t panic even when faced with pressure. Playing with an objective mind will keep you calm and focused instead of feeling stressed and nervous.

Other Popular Payment Methods Used in the Philippines for Gambling

GCash is among the most trusted and easiest-to-use payment method for most Filipino sabong bettors. It allows easy deposits and withdrawals on gambling websites and offers seamless transactions. Here are the other payment methods available.
Different payment methods are also available for non-GCash users.

Other Popular Payment Methods Used in the Philippines for Gambling

Bank cards

Debit and credit card payments are convenient payment options many sabong sites accept. They are secured and offer speedy transactions.

Electronic wallets

E-wallets, including PayMaya, are the other payment methods on many sabong betting sites.


Cryptocurrencies keep players anonymous, so crypto payments please a lot of them. One example is Bitcoin, which offers an innovative way of paying for goods and services and continues growing in popularity in many gambling apps.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is another payment method that players use for its trustworthiness and reliability. However, it might be slower in processing transactions than other methods like e-wallets.


How to play online sabong with GCash? We hope this article guide has covered everything you need to know about it. So again, join the right platform for playing sabong using it, learn much about the game, and practice for better chances of winning. Finally, follow the tips we’ve shared above to win at online sabong games.