Top Sabong Online Betting Sites Philippines for 2023

Are you searching for and exploring the different platforms for sabong online betting Philippines? Well, you don’t have to do any of that anymore because we’ve done the research for you.

Today, we feature a guide on the top sabong online betting sites in 2023 and discuss the most important things to know about online betting.

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Best Bookmakers for Betting on Sabong in the Philippines

Sabong is a very exciting and entertaining game for Filipinos. However, not all online bookies offer cockfighting on their platforms. We found the best that offer sabong in the following.

22Bet is our top pick among the best bettting sites in the Philippines 2023 for its bonuses, user-friendly interface, transparency, and competitive odds.

22Bet is our top pick among the best bettting sites in the Philippines 2023 for its bonuses, user-friendly interface, transparency, and competitive odds.

MelBet is the best betting site for huge bonuses, fair play, and user-friendly interface for sabong in the Philippines

MelBet is the best betting site for huge bonuses, fair play, and user-friendly interface for sabong in the Philippines

1xBet offers convenience, safety, and security for Filipino sabong enthusiasts all over the world

1xBet offers convenience, safety, and security for Filipino sabong enthusiasts all over the world

MegaPari makes sabong betting online easy and accessible for more Filipinos worldwide.

MegaPari makes sabong betting online easy and accessible for more Filipinos worldwide.

Most Popular Sabong Betting Markets

Sabong attracts the most number of fans all over the country. However, they need not be confused with tons of words to memorize before betting on the event.

Two cocks – one is the Llamado (meron chicken or fan favorite) and the other one is the Dejado (wala chicken or underdog) is put in a cockpit to fight, and then later, one will be declared the winner.

Backing the Favorite

The population of the betting public would know that that this is the meron side or favorite cock on which players choose and bet on.

The Underdog

Players choose the wala or dejado rooster if they want to bet on it. Bet on this offers higher odds than betting on your favorite cock.

Both Die

Punters choose and bet on both dead or both die if they bet on a draw that occurs when both the Llamado and dejado roosters die during the game. Because a draw doesn’t happen a lot, betting on it offers punters large odds.

Full-Time Draw

Offering players of high odds, a full-time draw happens when neither of the roosters in the fight defeats the other. 

Types of Sabong Betting Odds

Betting on sabong doesn’t end in giving the amount of money you intend to bet with to the Kristo. 

The referee will call a fight, and then the bets will be paid out based on the cash pool only once the house takes its cut. Here are the wager types with the approximate odds going with each.

Payment Methods for Sabong Betting

GCash GCash

The e-wallet app is nevertheless the most convenient and easiest-to-use app for betting on sabong in the Philippines.

Visa Visa

Virtually all bookies will be able to accept Visa, which is known for money transfers globally.

PayPal PayPal

One of the most trusted money transfer apps in the world, PayPal offers seamless and easy transactions. Players can choose this if it’s offered in the bookie where they’re betting on sabong online.

Comprehensive Guide to Legal Sabong Betting in the Philippines 2023

Here are the things to know about the legality of sabong, a tradition in the Philippines, which roots can be traced back to pre-colonial times.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sabong?

While some Filipinos find the games of sabong unethical for animal cruelty and a bad influence on society, cockfighting is a legal activity in the country, depending on where it’s held.

Sabong legal? Yes, it is under the Cockfighting Law of 1974 that regulates it. However, it will be illegal to participate in unregulated and “illegal” gambling activities, and they shouldn’t be condoned by anyone.

Who Regulates Betting On Sabong In The Philippines?

The Philippine government, particularly the local government concerned, regulates live cockfighting in arenas, while the Philippine Gaming Amusement and Gaming Corporation regulate online cockfighting or e-sabong in the Philippines.

Sabong Online Betting: Legality and Licensed Offshore Sportsbooks

There are many Sportsbooks in the Philippines and offshore locations offering online betting for sabong games. However, players must check for their license and legality before they click the signup button to ensure the peace of mind, safety, and security that legitimate sites of sabong have to offer.

Legal vs. Illegal Sabong Betting Pits in the Philippines

While you can find plenty of betting sites (including pits and arenas) to place bets on cockfighting, players need to choose the side of safety. Choose legal pits, typically in outdoor arenas and stadiums all over the country. Avoid venues operated by unlicensed operators and are often raided by police authorities.

How Legal Sabong Fighting Pits Work

There are several steps that legal fighting pits do. Fairness with the matches and the fighting results are first determined by the ULATAN in which two roosters are paired. Legal cockfights ensure this system to avoid mismatching and cheating.

Ruweda is the next step wherein the rooster owners stand in the ring along with the referee. Depending on how the match turns out, the referee will make the final decision and no appeals will be accepted.

Spectators and punters can see which cock is more aggressive and are more likely to win, influencing the betting before the match.

How Betting on Legal Cockfighting Works

The Philippines offers a long and colorful history and tradition of sabong, but does how betting work? Spectators start yelling their wagers when they receive the cue from the game announcer.

The Kristos take the wagers of punters using hand signals. Bettors should also do the hand signaling while keeping eye contact with the Kristo to place a wager. They can place a bet on the MERON or WALA.

Spectators and punters can see which cock is more aggressive and are more likely to win, influencing the betting before the match.

Philippine Cockfighting Geography

The country is known for having more than 2,500 stadiums for the sport, with all 18 regions all over keeping the long-lived tradition of sabong as a national pastime, livelihood source, or hobby.

How Much Is Wagered on Sabong in the Philippines?

Because of the deafening noise of the crowd in this popular sabong and the Kristos are typically away from the bettors, they use hand signals to communicate bets with fellow Kristos. 

So for wagers, every finger represents ten (10) pesos, and so on, in small, rural hack fights. 

But in derby events or big cockpits, one upward finger could be a bet from 10,000PHP to 100,000PHP. Every downward finger could mean a 1000PHP bet, and so on, and one sideward finger is 100PHP.

History of Cockfighting in the Philippines

Before the industry of betting sites emerged was a long history of cockfighting in the Philippines. The tradition dates as far back as 3,000 years ago. Antonio Pigafetta first documented it when he landed in the country in 1521.

The Most Popular Cockpits in the Philippines

Spectators and punters can watch the live action in some of the most famous cockpits in the Philippines. They’re the social venues where the people can mingle with each other, witness the culture of sabong in action, and win the prize money if they bet on the rooster that emerges victorious in the match. Here are the leading cockpits where the matches are held.

Araneta Coliseum

Known for holding significant cockfighting events and derbies, it is an excellent sabong venue, one of those that attract the most crowds in cockfighting events, accommodating up to 12,000 people.

San Juan Coliseum

Located in Barangay Batis, San Juan City, the coliseum remains one of the most popular venues for the sport, seating about 4,000 people, although it’s smaller than the Araneta Coliseum.

Bakbakan Derby Arena

Located in Lipa City, Batangas, the arena attracts sabungeros from around the country, and it seats around 1,500 spectators. It is a reputable cockpit arena known for fair play and strict regulations and for hosting high stake cockfights.

Pasay City Cockpit

Hosting cockfighting events regularly, it is one of the oldest cockpits in the country that has been operating for more than 70 years. Regards capacity, the cockpit can accommodate around 3,500 spectators.

Famous Fighting Cock Breeds in the Philippines

What are the best fighting rooster breeds? We’ve highlighted some of them in the following.

The Impact and Popularity of Sabong Betting in Philippine Culture

It is no secret that the Philippines are one of the world’s top destinations for cockfighting enthusiasts. The national pastime became extremely popular during the pandemic when social distancing protocols and lockdowns were implemented by the Philippine government.

The local government units in respective towns and cities were strict about implementing the restrictions, and online betting on sabong games were introduced and then continued to affect the culture and society.

«Sabong betting has also contributed to the economic revenue of the Philippines and improved the employment rate (breeders, trainers, and handlers). However, sabong betting is now not limited to physical cockpits because online platforms are being introduced daily, giving access to bettors who can place bets anywhere.»

Ligaya Santos

How Sabong Derby Became a National Pastime

Sabong has been a national pastime in the country for thousands of years, paving the way for its legalization. This event is considered a national sport just like basketball. 

While cockfights in some parts of the world have been prohibited, they are a national pastime for Filipinos. Cockfighting has been a culture and tradition that has been practiced since the pre-Spanish colonial period.


The fighting of game cocks, also called the “sabong,” has been ingrained in the Filipinos’ culture for thousands of years. Revenue from the best sabong websites and platforms reached 400 million pesos every month in 2021.

Meanwhile, e-sabong might have the best revenue recorded at 2.03 billion pesos, a figure coming from 2022’s first semester. Indeed, cockfighting is very popular in the country and it’s now a billion-dollar industry. Filipinos, who believe in games of chances, are still trying their luck for sabong online that is taking place all over the nation.

Sabong Derby

The Philippines sabong is popular in every barangay in the country where the fighting of roosters is a favorite gambling instance, pastime, and sports event. Hack fights and derbies are common, and to date, it has an estimated number 10 million in the number of stakeholders.

Sabong Derby

Sabong Philippines: The Top Online Sabong Platform

If you love to bet sabong, one of the best betting online sites to use is Sabong Philippines in order to get the finest experience, while being away from the huge crowd or noise because betting can be done in the comfort of your home.

While the Philippines offer the best cockfighting venues, some of them can be too far from one’s home. Thus, betting online at Sabong Philippines can be the perfect choice for beginners.

Within the Philippines, this sabong betting website is one of the most legitimate online betting sites, which is Philippine government licensed and regulated.

Security and safety is the only issue for many when betting sabong online, but they can have peace of mind with this site that ensures user safety for its strict internet security measures.

Beginners can also take advantage of the resources in sabong betting online for it features videos, tutorials, and articles with useful information about cockfighting strategies and rules as well as success tips.

Beginners can also join the site’s large community composed of users who generously share their advice, tips, insights, and experiences with other gamblers.

Transparency and fairness of the results are other advantages of this online betting site for users. It makes use of high ethical standards and a code of conduct in everything it does and offers.

The Advantages of the Sabong Philippines Platform

It is no doubt that the Philippines are popular for its sabong game, which tradition has been practiced for many years.

With the advent of the internet, the pastime also conquers the web, and some of the most reliable venues for betting online are now what a lot of people are using. One of which is the Sabong Philippines Platform.

With the advent of the internet, the pastime also conquers the web, and some of the most reliable venues for betting online are now what a lot of people are using. One of which is the Sabong Philippines Platform.

Wide match selection: Bettors can access the matches and experience the thrill of cockfighting, no matter where they are in the world provided they’re connected on the internet.

Live matches, real-time betting, and live streaming: Not only casinos in the Philippines offer live casino games but also cockfighting matches. Here, the bets are placed in live matches that happen in real-time! Watch the action as they happen right from anywhere in the world.

Transparency: The betting site keeps its system transparent, including its rules and regulations.

Fair play: Sabong Philippines ensures transparency and implements fair play rules to give everyone a fair chance of winning in the games.

Innovative technology: To enhance the overall user experience, the site uses the latest technologies for minimal downtimes as well as a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.

High odds: The betting site offers competitive odds, allowing players to receive big payouts for winning. Thus, anyone can maximize their earnings, while leveling up their online sabong experience

Security: The platform protects privacy and offers security for members for its safe, secure, and protected betting platform to prevent identity theft and security issues.

Sabong Philippines Compliance with Legal and Ethical Standards

Sabong Philippines upholds responsible gambling and cockfighting practices and complies with the government’s rules, regulations, and laws surrounding cockfighting, such as online gaming and animal welfare.

Impact of Online Sabong on Philippine Culture

Especially during the pandemic, e-sabong, online cockfighting, or online sabong became extremely popular, influencing the overall society of the country. More Filipinos can access matches through reliable and trustworthy platforms and mobile apps, expanding the reach of online sabong. Thus, more enthusiasts can join and place their bets anywhere they are.


The Philippines has a long history of sabong, showing no signs of stopping at any point in time. Especially with the advent of the internet, the people’s favorite pastime, sports event, and gambling instance have become more popular, which is evident in the revenue it brings to the government and the hugely growing number of players trying their luck in online sabong.

FAQ with Sabong Philippines

Is sabong illegal?

It is not illegal provided it is held in licensed cockpits and during legal rooster fighting events. However, illegal cockfighting or underground cockfights are still happening. Any such activity is punishable by law.

Why is sabong banned in some countries?

It’s banned in some countries because the activity is linked to illegal gambling, robbery, and cruelty to animals.

What are the benefits of cockfighting?

All over the Philippine islands, cockfighting plays a significant part in culture and tradition in many communities and provides livelihood to the participants, including trainers and breeders and revenue for the government. And without a doubt, cockfighting entertains millions of Filipinos.

Who invented cockfighting?

Its invention can be traced back to the ancient classical times when Greeks held cockfights before a battle to stimulate warriors. However, it’s been said that the fighting of cocks was brought by the Persians to Greece. Still, different historians and experts claim that cockfighting originated in Southeast Asia.